Our Mission (our 7 step process)

 Listen to our clients needs and concerns

Research options available to fulfill those needs

Consult with our collective teams to discuss findings and begin the process of designing and developing weapons systems that work for the intended applications

Review pricing and other opportunities to potentially fund these new weapons for the Agency, Dept or Organization (possible 1033 transactions or sale of unused, outdated and unserviced weapons) .  We also work with our clients to mitigate risk by advising on the use of electronic inventory systems that can help deliver a level of confidence to the Sheriff, Chief of Police or any other delegated individual in your organization.

Once we  get close to the actual weapons selection process, that's when our professional demo program really makes a difference.  We have a number of weapons systems  that are already built to mil spec and or are weapons that are already in use by a number of Agencies and Departments across the United States for your review and demonstration.

One of the last steps is to host one of our "Complete Look" consultation meetings. This is where Patriot Weapons Systems can make a big difference vs. many of our competitors.  We take the time to put the entire program together for you for a deep dive review.  We look at the weapons, costs, service life and service costs, risks of what weapons get assigned to what member of your force, etc.  This is where we begin working for you, your officers and the public you serve.

The final step is our "Follow Up" program.  Monthly visits to the Agency or Department to be sure that all of our weapons systems are working properly and are being field serviced properly.    Our "Follow Up" program is the flagship to our customer service model.    You are no longer a client or customer, you are a partner and we take great pride in serving those who serve the public and this great country.

About Patriot Weapons Systems, LLC

We are a BATFE Approved FFL Class 3 Dealer / Class 2 (SOT) Manufacturer of weapons systems.

We know how valuable your time is.  You have many officers and others to manage, crime to fight on the streets and training to be completed on a regular basis. 

Our 7 step process will help keep your weapons program on track and will also allow you to ask of your Agency or yourself, "Are we doing the right thing"?  "Do we have the best equipment in the hands of the our officers"?  "Are we comfortable with our inventory system that we are currently using"?  "Are we in good  standing and have a stellar record with the BATFE"?

At Patriot Weapons Systems, our commitment is to you  Serving you, advising you, helping you make choices and revisiting those choices on a very regular basis to be sure that your Agency or Department is prepared for both the expected and unexpected nature of the work you do.

By the nature of our business and who we serve, we do not operate out of a retail store or serve the general public.    Our sole focus is to serve Agencies and Departments like yours.  Its our passion and profession.

Please call (843) 906-1077 to set up a brief consultation session so we can have an opportunity to spend a few minutes with you and listen to your thoughts, needs, etc

Be sure to ask about our Military and LE Discount Programs