SIlencer / Supressor Sales and Service

 Scope Installation (CQB and Long Range)

Sling Installation

Upgardes to firearm accessories

Pistol Sight Installation (Traditional and Night Sights)

Advanced Services

Basic Services

Clean, tune and inspect firearms in your inventory

Test and Verify all Firearms are set to "factory settings"

Verify that firearm is currently logged in your inventory and in included in your service plan program

Installation and training on "Industry Leading" inventory  control software

Firearm Inventory Control Software

Accurizing your Long Range Sniper Rifles

(Remington 700 and Savage Platforms)

Bore-Sight and "Test Fire" all rifles in your inventory

Key Component Testing / Inspection (MPI, etc)

Barrel inspection and replacement if needed

Short Barrel Conversions / Installations

Muzzle Brake Installations

Firearm Ammo  Matching Program

We can help you facilitate your Class 3 transfers including ATF Form 1, 3, 4, 5 and 10 transactions

Click HERE  for ATF forms from the ATF website

Click HERE to learn more about NFA Trusts from one of our most trusted legal partners - Robert K. Merting - Atty

Class 3 Weapon Ownership

Class 3 Purchases and Transfers